I was born in Dallas in 1981, the youngest of three children. My mother and father were divorced one year later after the death of my sister in a car accident at the hands of a drunk driver. I grew up in East Dallas a stones throw from Fairpark. My childhood home was a converted duplex in what was known as "the barrio". I was exposed to many different cultures with local influences from Latino to Hare Krishna all within a 5 minute walk from home. I became very interested in religion, spirituality, and superstitions and learned as much as I could from neighbors and books from the downtown library. A frequent read of mine was Warewolves, Vampires, and Demons. Though I have always respected religious beleifs and the undeniable power of those beliefs on the human psyche, my own mind looked for the logical explanation that may have first caused the superstition to arrise.

Our understanding of the world around us is often eclipsed by our imagination. The logical explanation is in a constant game of catch-up with the fantastical "right now" explanation. In fact, I can argue that these theories are the basis of science. If not for the human instinct to question and explain phenomena like lightening, sunsets, seasons, and falling objects, we would never have learned the basis of physics or astronomy. We are all connected in striving toward answers for those questions of "What is that noise? Why does that happen? Is this normal?" Many people choose to accept the first answer they are given. Science allows us to evolve our theories as new information is discovered. My own analysis of the world has left many inconclusive answers, many divergent and conflicting theories, and so I strive now to grow the body of information from which to draw conclusions about those things we do not yet fully understand.

One of my first memories was of a sage cleansing of our home by family friends. I was too young to ask why they were there, and what had lead them to believe the house needed to be cleansed. I was not aware of any negative presence, and perhaps they just felt it was a way to allow my mother to move forward after the death of her daughter. It wasn't until years later that my brother and I began to have strange experiences in our home. At around age 7, my brother began to report that my sister would visit him each night, sit on the edge of the bed, and read to him. He was 5 when she died and had time to feel a closeness with her, while I was only one when she died. I never personally experienced her presence, and I assumed my brother was imagining her there out of grief for her loss. My own experiences were a daily sense of deja vu when walking down a particular hall, hearing a choir of voices calling my name each night as I tried to fall asleep, a feeling of being watched, and a dread fear of entering the hall bathroom. This bathroom was always dark, because when we would install a new lightbulb, it would burn out within a few days. It felt cramped in there, and unnatural, like it wasn't a part of the original house. If it was an emergency, I would go into the bathroom and leave the door open to allow the light from the hall in. I would use the restroom as fast as I could while staring straight ahead, because the whole time I felt that if I looked into the bathtub to the right I would see a person in pain with their mouth wide open reaching out to me for help. Years later I learned that a family friend who came to visit a few times always got a "feeling" when she passed by that bathroom that someone had died in there.

We moved to Cedar Hill Texas when I was 12. Like many stories you may have heard, everything was very normal until one year when we had a halloween party involving the use of a homemade Ouiji Board. We did not put any creadance to the idea of contacting spirits through a board. It's a silly idea really. We just thought it would be fun for our guests. Nothing strange happened that night, but in the weeks that followed, each family member began to have strange experiences. My brother complained of being woken up at night by deafeningly loud crashes and bangs that no one else seemed to hear, not even the dogs. He also heard knocking on the bathroom door when he would shower. He always thought it was one of us messing with him, until it happened one day when no one else was home.

For my part, if I would watch certain girly programs on TV like muppet babies or punky brewster, the channel would change, the volume would go all the way down, or the TV would just turn off. I thought that my brother was doing it somehow, so I began to watch with the remote in my lap. It still occured. I noticed that when the channels would change, it went in a certain channel order, not the order it would go in pushing the arrow on the remote, but the order you'd get pushing the channel up button on the actual TV. To this day, I feel it could have been the glitch of a dying TV, but I was never able to prove what it was.

My mother, the skeptic, had her own experience in Cedar Hill. She saw a full bodied aparition in the laundry room. She was up at 3AM one Saturday morning doing all the laundry that had piled up during the work week. She walked past the laundry room and the light was on, with the door open about a third of the way. She saw a tall man in a suit standing in front of the washer as she passed by. She assumed it was my brother and wondered what he was doing up so late and why he was wearing a suit. It wasn't until she got to the kitchen that she remembered he was staying over at a friends house that night. She went back to the laundry room. The light was off now, and there was no one in there.

I've heard many stories over the years. It seems everyone I ask has a story about something they, a friend, or a family member has experienced that seems to defy explanation. To say they were probably just sleepy, or had too much to drink that night, or have an overactive imagination is just as silly as saying it was definitely the ghost of their deceased grandmother coming to warn them not to drive to work that day because there will be an accident on the bridge. With no proof either way, nothing is certain. I am not a skeptic. In fact I am the opposite because I will believe almost anything. A skeptic blindly disbelieves almost everything. This kind of closed mindedness will lead to as many false negatives as a kook will have false positives. My goal is to find the most likely explanation for a phenomena, as crazy or rational as it might turn out to be. I will believe something is true, at least in theory, until I find a better explanation. This is my personal path to understanding the world around me. However, because we as a people have widely divergent beliefs and thought processes, I will only submit that evidence which is profound and deserves the attention of the scientific and spiritual communities. You will not find me posting a photo of a piece of dust flying by with a caption that says "Orb?". Our findings during an investigation will likely be slim compared to other groups, as we will not post dust, bugs, camera glitches, lense smears, cigarette smoke, shadows, or anything except for outstanding eveidence that we have not been able to debunk. On this evidence, we would like your cooperation on our forum to debunk or at least question each photo and each EVP. We will submit to you comprehensive data on the environmental conditions to aid in this brainstorming. We don't want to be the next in a long line of hoakie paranormal groups. We want to advance the science of the field and our own understanding of this vast amazing world we live in.










Future Goals:

To investigate a major institution: Hospital, Police Dept, City Hall, Prison, etc.