I was born in El Paso, Texas in 1972 and began investigating the paranormal with the now defunct High Plains Paranormal Group, in 1996.

I believe paranormal investigation should be the collection of data that can, eventually, be proven scientifically. I was never fond of "psychics" or "mediums", since thier abilities have yet to be proven. To me, it is searching for the unknown using the unknown. I prefer to use devices that give concrete data (such as temperature, Guass, etc.) rather than resorting to techniques like seances, table tipping, or Ouija boards. I do not go into an investigation assuming a location IS haunted, I prefer that the data collected determine that for me.

The experience that got me interested in paranormal investigation happend in Albuquerque, NM on Christmas Eve. I had just returned from the Army and was staying at a house one of my friends lived at that rented out rooms. I returned from work and was getting ready to go out with my friend when she got home. The house was empty, everyone was out of town with their families or working. I heard the front door open and close, and heard footsteps walking down the hallway toward my friend's room. They sounded like women's shoes, so I assumed it was her. I said "hello", but got no response. When the footsteps reached my door, I opened it and began asking my friend where she wanted to go. To my surprise, there was nobody there. I recall saying "what the hell" and could actually see my breath as I said the words, despite the house being nice and warm. The hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood on end. I checked the front door, and both locks were locked. I checked her room, but nobody was there. Completely freaked out, I grabbed my stuff, wrote a note to my friend saying I went to our local hangout, and ran out of there.

She met me at the pub, and I told her what I had experienced. She informed me everyone that lived there had experiences similar to what I had. It seems that the owner of the house and his sister grew up there, and inheirited it from their parents. They rented out rooms to help pay bills. A few years later, his sister had been kidnapped and brutally murdered. They all felt that it was the owners sister, since the strange occurances began shortly after her death. Some of the reports included items going missing, then found in strange places (like my keys being found in the freezer), hearing a woman's voice singing, hearing footsteps and being touched or pushed by someone unseen.

To my knowledge, no formal investigation has been done at this location.










Future Goals:

To develop a set of standards for paranormal investigation that will adopted by investigators in the future.